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how many file types to recover per search?

Posted: 10 Jan 2015, 22:10
by blabsaway22
Using QphotoRec 7 (64bit)

What is the safe smart efficient way to retrieve all my files off a 4 terabyte usb external hard drive using QphotoRec 7 in terms of how many file types I should recover per search?

- I have tried once searching with all file types selected and 1/3 through the search i noticed it was only creating 4kb files of .apple... which i never even had .apple files on my hard drive!?

- i have tried searching one time with about 7 file types selected, and then it created a bunch of 25 gigabyte files of audio files (.ape) selected!

so now i'm under the assumption i should only select 1 file type and run an entire search on a 4 terabyte hard drive each time.. ?

any suggestions?


windows 8.1
qphotorec 7 64bit

Re: how many file types to recover per search?

Posted: 13 Jan 2015, 08:15
by cgrenier
PhotoRec stops the recovery of a file when a new file is found, so if you disable most file types, PhotoRec will recover some huge files.