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trouble recovering files

Posted: 06 Feb 2015, 09:55
by catharicist
Hello! I'm hoping someone here can help me with a photorec recovery. I have a 200GB hard disk with NTFS filesystem that has a corrupted MFT. I tried to recover it using the your software but apparently the MFT mirror is also corrupted. So I'm trying to run data carving with photorec on the entire drive and so far it has gone through 168M sectors out of a total of 398M and recovered 151000 files. This has taken 300 hours and photorec is estimating that it will take at least 430 more (this estimate keeps increasing over time). The trouble is that the files it is recovering are not exactly coherent. Out of the 151000 recovered files, 111000 of them are classified as mpeg and they are all under 200KB, most under 100KB so not very useful. Is this just part of the recovery process and after photorec finishes it will merge these files together or am I doing something wrong and/or is there a better way to perform this recovery that anyone can suggest?? Sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to provide as much information as possible as I've spent almost 2 weeks on this and it doesn't seem I am getting anywhere.