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Outlook 2013

Posted: 21 Jun 2015, 09:48
by oliverose
Hello, I have a .pst file(13.7GB) that I am trying to attach to outlook 2013. I get an error that says I need to run inbox repair. I run inbox repair and Program immediately goes into program not responding. Anyone aware of any other tool to repair .pst file?

Re: Outlook 2013

Posted: 22 Jun 2015, 15:55
by matthewbred
A 13.7 GB file is going to take a while to repair. How long did you wait, and why haven't you done a LITTLE cleanup on your mailbox? ... look_data/

Re: Outlook 2013

Posted: 28 Jun 2015, 00:53
by agessen
Did you run it through ScanPST? If not, try it.