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Restoring meta data, and better indexing, recovered files?

Posted: 07 Jul 2015, 05:39
by MrDavo
I have just recovered files from a QNAP NAS to a WD MyBook 4Tb HDD. I did this by following the instructions at this link -

Once I recovered the files using PhotoRec I plugged the MyBook into an Ubuntu box, and am pleased to say that I have recovered all of my files. However I am now wondering if there is any way of retrieving original meta data from the recovered folders / files?

At the moment my folder structure looks like this -


Furthermore an example of one of my folders contents is as follows -


As can be seen above several common file extensions have been retrieved (though I suspect that at least some .txt files are in fact either .doc, or .docx files) however original file names have been lost. Furthermore the 'last modified' date is the date that the files were recovered, rather than the date that the files were created, or modified last (in a user activity sense).

Can anybody suggest any way of better indexing, or retrieving more meta data, from these files?

Kind Regards,