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Recover files

Posted: 13 Aug 2015, 23:54
by kvlq
I tried to recover my deleted partition(had 2 partitions and i wanted to delete one of them and format it GPT, but after i select in GParted and select Create Partition Table, both partitions were deleted and all of space was UNALLOCATED). So i tried to recover my deleted partition where i have a lot of important files.

i tried with testdisk from GParted Live CD (which i flashed on an USB drive) because i dont have an operating system now(both partitions are deleted, like i already said).

It founds my 1TB HDD but when i select it, WRITE option didnt appear. So i decided to recover the files (not the entire partition) and press P to list files from that partition. With luck it founds all my folders and files.

Now my question is, how can i copy them to another external USB drive? Because when i press C for copy it only shows me the GParted folders and files from that USB drive where is flashed GParted live cd.

Thanks and please help me.