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Parition to small for recovery

Posted: 04 Oct 2015, 23:06
by AchryPadusi

I have data to recovery in ext4 (linux) system files. I've installed Ubuntu o partition with just 40GB. It's too less to recover my data, but I have another partitions with much bigger size. There are not visible when I try select recovery destination in PhotoRec (Windows formated) and just Ubunt partition is visible there.
Mine question is: if I will format usb external disk in Ubuntu to linux file system, will I see this disk in PhotoRec and will I be able to select this disk as recovery destination?

Re: Parition to small for recovery

Posted: 05 Oct 2015, 18:13
by cgrenier
When PhotoRec ask you where to save the files, navigate to the directory where your bigger disk/partition is mounted.