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Unable to find files on windows after use “live CD” Photorec

Posted: 22 Jan 2016, 15:37
by raviv
I have dropped my laptop accidentally. Its OS is Windows. So I try to learn how to restore the data - I took its damaged hdd(1), and connect it to my computer which has a normal hdd(2) with Win7 (x64 processor), and external hdd(3) with no OS (simply NTFS hdd). Then, when I tried to start my computer, it's been stuck (because of the damaged hdd(1)).

I burned the "Ultimate Boot CD", which contain the program "Photorec" version 7. I define in BIOS to boot the computer with CD, so the CD is starting firstly.

When Photorec is start (on "Ultimate Boot CD"), a Linux OS is loaded to RAM and under this OS the Photorec is working. I execute all the levels according to the Photorec "step-by-step" guide. I defined the external hdd(3) to be the place the whole data will be restored to. and it's work - I can see the images from the damaged hdd(1).

The problem is comming after that: when turning off the computer and disconnecting the damaged hdd(1) to allow the computer to work as regular, while running my win7, I can't see the restored data and images in the external hdd(3). moreover, when connecting the damaged hdd(1) again and start the "Ultimate Boot CD", I found that the data had gone. seems like never restored anything (I guess it's because the linux was exist on the RAM, not in hdd...) So, what should I do? how can I get the files (that I saw them under the linux on restoring) in extrnal hdd(3) while operating the win7 and keep it forever and not just temporary?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Unable to find files on windows after use “live CD” Phot

Posted: 23 Jan 2016, 09:27
by cgrenier
Double-check that the external disk is mounted as read-write using the "mount" command in a terminal...

Re: Unable to find files on windows after use “live CD” Phot

Posted: 25 Jan 2016, 07:27
by raviv
Thanks! I really missed it...