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Validation of recovered mp3 files

Posted: 25 Jan 2016, 07:35
by camelcase

as I was reorganizing my local data archive I had accidential overwritten my backup hdd which was actually the only drive holding most of the data (because of moving huge data over several hdd's with a minimum of free space).

Now I did a file recovery with PhotoRec and recovered a lot of mp3 files. The bad thing is that many recovered mp3's are truncated. Some files have no correct beginning, some have no correct end or both.

So I gave several mp3 validation tools (mp3val, mp3diags, mpck, mp3check) for linux a try to find out these corrupt files. With mp3check, for example, I can look for files with errors (crc error, truncated last frames, junk frames at start or end,...). But most of the corrupt files are not recognized by such tools.

If I did understand the PhotoRec manual right, PhotoRec generates a new mp3, containing the found mp3 stream. If the stream stops, the mp3 would be finished. This will be the matter why the mp3 recovery tools will find corrupted mp3's as good ones.

Does anyone have an idea how to discard mp3's with truncated start or end?
The goal is to delete all defective mp3's which could not completely recovered.