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Search using all possible file types

Posted: 19 Feb 2016, 08:35
by silverzippo

I am helping a friend recover data from their Apple Mac. I am finding hundreds of file snippets (.txt, plist, sqllite etc), which contain fragments of pretty useless text and also a lot of .gz fragments which when opened seem to have no real content.

I was wondering if by choosing all of the possible file types, I am reducing my chances of success with the remaining file types ?

I.e. once PhotoRec has found a signature in a block, does it then start ignoring all of the other file types for subsequent blocks until the 'end of file' has been detected ?

I guess another question is: Does PhotoRec actually detect 'end of file' ? Or does it just assume it, once it finds a new signature ?

I guess I could read the code and find out, but it's probably quicker to ask here!