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Photorec searching files with no extension

Posted: 22 May 2016, 14:48
by dispalor
Hello all,

I lost data on a HD and need to recover only 2 files. Everything else I have as backup, so good riddance. But I need those 2 files. I use PhotoRec, but my problem is this: They are TrueCrypt-Containers, so they are bundles of nonsense-information with no file extension. I have their names, their sizes (100GB and 400GB) and I know where they have been. But how can I tell Photorec to look only for those two? I can only say which extensions I am interested in, but I need files that have NO extensions...

I hope someone can help me before I have to recover everything. Just seen the approx time in the program, would be 50hours or so ;) And the suspense is killing me, if they are corrupted, I'll have a hard time opening them. Means: I never will. :(

Re: Photorec searching files with no extension

Posted: 23 May 2016, 06:30
by cgrenier
PhotoRec will not find the truecrypt/veracrypt container as there is no header in clear form.
You can try TestDisk, Advanced, Undelete