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Receiving ten thousands of identical jpgs

Posted: 15 Jul 2016, 14:55
by profmortinus
I used photorec (6.14) on a Windows platform scanning a macintosh HD only for jpgs. After some 50 folders with all kinds of jpg-finds photorec now continues to find only the same tiny 8 kb jpg in fast sequence. In just a few minutes I got now almost 100 Folders all containing 500 of this one little jpg. I remember that I had this once before, but long ago so I do not remember if I got that solved.
I also closed photorec, restarted and used the "continue session" Option. But it just goes on with the same.
Any idea?

Re: Receiving ten thousands of identical jpgs

Posted: 16 Jul 2016, 08:14
by cgrenier
Try PhotoRec 7.1-WIP instead and more important be careful to not store recovered file son the source partition.

Re: Receiving ten thousands of identical jpgs

Posted: 16 Jul 2016, 17:29
by profmortinus
Thx. I never store on the disk which I am checking. That smart I am :)
And yes, I will use the newer photorec next time. I used the old version because I had it on my stick and no newer available. The problem is now: this MAC-HFS Disk is in a really bad condition. So I invested already about 30 or 35 hours to check just 50% of it with photorec. It would be nice if I hadn't to start from begin. Can I use the "continue previous session?" option with the newer version of photorec? Will it continue, where I interrupted the old Version? And does anybody know what caused the problem? Is it a bug of the old Version or might it happen with the new version again at the same sector if I start from begin?