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TIFF camera RAW files incomplete?

Posted: 16 Nov 2016, 01:06
by SilverbackNet
I've recovered a number of fragmented .cr2 files from my SD card, using brute force, after a low battery caused FAT table corruption. Thank you for this invaluable tool!

The only problem is that most of these recovered .cr2 files range from incomplete (Photoshop complains of unexpected end of file, FastRawViewer shows most of the image but truncated) or completely unfinished (both tools complain of corrupted image, FRV shows only a little bit of false-color data). I'm overjoyed as it is to have the full embedded JPG versions for these, which is something, at least.

However, the process is still running; should I expect that these will gradually fill back in, or are they kicked out as substantially complete as-is and no longer updated as the process runs?