PhotoRec and SSD

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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PhotoRec and SSD

#1 Post by Anthony317 »

Hello folks!

Does it work on SSD? Is there a chance when PhotoRec will kill this type of drive during the recovery process? What can cause such SSD malfunction? It seems like Photorec ruined my computer, i guess there might be issues with my ssd.

I am looking forward to get a helpful suggestion here, please, share your opinions, thnk you!

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Re: PhotoRec and SSD

#2 Post by cgrenier »

PhotoRec opens the source device in read-only mode, it can not write anything on the disk. TestDisk and PhotoRec do not see any difference between a SSD and a mechanical disk.

The most serious source of problem on a ssd is electric problem (power drop, voltage spike...), it may damage the flash controller.
Wear leveling is used on ssd to avoid too much write cycle on specific memory zone, but it's no bullet proof.

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Re: PhotoRec and SSD

#3 Post by Anthony317 »

Thank you for the quick response!

Have you heard about FileVault encryption or any other type of data encrypting? Will PhotoRec work in case the volume is encrypted? Thank you, i do appreciate the help.