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Can it Fix ??

Posted: 16 Mar 2017, 15:15
by allexpetrov
thanks for an awesome app - TestDisk. I've move from Windows to Linux and this was the one of the top must have apps for me. Also, I've noticed that you have PhotoRec. I just wanted to know - can the app fix damaged jpegs? I had performed a recovery from my grannys old hdd a while ago under windows with File Scavenger and some other tools, and there is a quite big part of pictures which are damaged.

Now I'm trying to find a tool which could fix them as they have big enough size, but unfortunately I bet some headers are missing. Or maybe someone could suggest that kind of app ?

Alex! :?:

Re: Can it Fix ??

Posted: 16 Mar 2017, 18:37
by cgrenier
PhotoRec can not fix damaged jpg but photorec 7.1-WIP can probably recover more valid jpg than file scavenger. Rerun it on the partition that was hlding the pictures.
Be careful to avoid writing new data on the source filesystem.