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Photorec keeps recovering same files 1000 times

Posted: 28 Mar 2017, 19:17
by Rastakefir
Hello all,
I have by accident formatted my 2 tb hard drive connected to the TV by "preparing it for recording"....super stupid accident.

I have tried the Photorec and it has started the recovery, but...for some reason it is creating small folders per ca 50 mb with (i believe) similar content.
There are already almost 500 folders and starting from number 14 it is all 49- 50 Mb big with repeated MP3 and JPG files.

Does anybody got any idea what I did wrong or how I should do it correct?

Q2: Is there any way how NOT to recover complete 2 tb but choose what should be recovered and what not? The disk was from 3/4 full of movie and music which I donĀ“t need anymore, problem is the 1/4 full of pictures.

Thanks for any advise


Re: Photorec keeps recovering same files 1000 times

Posted: 30 Mar 2017, 06:10
by cgrenier
Did you choose to write the recovered data on the source ? This mistake may explain your problem.