my experience.. THANK YOU!!

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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my experience.. THANK YOU!!

#1 Post by bucefalo » 02 Dec 2017, 11:30

Hello guys and HELLO my savior creator of PHOTOREC !
I'm just back from Morocco and unfortunately i ruined ( i was trying to read SD card with a card reader on my smartphone.. but that failed and then i removed sd card while it was READING-stuck that cause a loss of memory.. actually sd card resulted BLANK !!) one of the sd card where i saved the first 100pictures of my trip!
i was in panic and i thought what a pity to lose such beautiful memories !
i've been reading around and used some apps " paid version " but they didn't recover all.. and CR2 (raw pictures) weren't still readable by lightroom!

my little experience .. first of all use USB IMAGE TOOL to make a complete image .. even if it's RAW image ( like on my case i could not access the card at all)

second .. use PHOTOREC :-) i could get all CR2 files and JPG as well.. all completely working .. the card ( 2gb) was recovered in less than 10 minutes !

To the creator Mr Christophe .. thank you so much for this powerful tool! I made just now a little donation.. it won't change your week but i could treat you with a couple of drinks ;)

thank you !!!

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