Completely desperate

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Completely desperate

#1 Post by Carcayu » 26 Feb 2018, 18:37

Hi everyone. I have used a Sandisk Ultra 200 GB Micro SD to film various things during a travel, using a GoPro Hero Black 5. After various shootings, the Gopro shutdown, because of the battery, so I decide to put it in my smartphone and continue to shoot it.

After one shoot, the smartphone told me the SD is not recognized, and If I try to read it in Windows, it says it is not recognized, and recommends me to format it.

Then, using chkdsk, to try to recover it, it says it is in RAW mode.

Then I use photorec, when It ask form media, I select

Dis /dev/sde – 196 GB / 183 GIB (RO) –
And I click “proceed”

Then I Select, in Partition – Start – End – Size in Sectors:
P Unknown 0 0 1 2394 65 3 Size in sectors

(is the only one it shows)

Paranoid : Yes (Brute force disabled)
Keep Corrupted files: No
Expert mode: No
Low memory: No

Then I click in search.

The In Other (FAT/NTFS/…)

I select directory

At the begging it tells it will be like 10000 hours, seems it is because the first sectors are damaged, I guess (I tells me things like “Error reading sector”), but I have it running for a whole weekend and I have discovered, after that, it is finished, but no files are recovered.

Any suggestion?

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Re: Completely desperate

#2 Post by cgrenier » 27 Feb 2018, 07:28

Looks like you have to contact a data recovery company.

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