configure file missing in archive Topic is solved

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configure file missing in archive

#1 Post by mbiwer » 27 May 2018, 10:34


I am trying to install testdisk/photorec according to
  • running Xubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • installed the compilation environment
    apt-get install -y build-essential ...... dh-autoreconf git
  • extracted with tar xjf ...
There is no file "configure" in the resulting directory testdisk-7.1-WIP.

Tried the same with the 32-bit-archive ( and the git repository (git clone Same result - no configure file. Where am I wrong???

Thanks in advance for any help! ... 26.tar.bz2

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Re: configure file missing in archive  Topic is solved

#2 Post by cgrenier » 31 May 2018, 06:08

You have downloaded 32-bits and 64-bits binary packages, so no configure script is present. You can use the photorec_static or testdisk_static binaries directly.

When using git to get the source code, you have to create the configure script as state in the documentation by using autoreconf:

Code: Select all

cd testdisk
mkdir config
autoreconf --install -W all -I config

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Re: configure file missing in archive

#3 Post by mbiwer » 02 Jun 2018, 09:43

Christophe, merci beaucoup! Works great now.


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