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Restarting after disk ejection

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 04:24
by Storm
I am trying to recover photos from a memory card, which is in a USB adapter.
During the session, the usb drive will, at random, be ejected. Photorec will then keep going, not noticing that the drive is gone. It will race ahead and finish in seconds.
I want to re-start the session. What I tried:
Exit photorec
Get the USB drive to reconnect
Insure the terminal is on the directory with the file
Restart photorec.
And.. photorec does not restart the session. I assume it does not restart because it thinks it finished the last session. As far as photorec is concerned, it finished successfully.

Once I succeeded in stopping photorec after the random eject, but before it decided it was done. When I restarted it, it did ask if I wanted to restart the last session. So I know I am properly doing the re-start procedure given in other forum posts. But, its a 5 hour session, and I cannot be sitting here, finger hovered over the mouse, trying to catch it for 5 hours. It goes really fast from the time then the disk ejects and photorec finishes. Also, some large segment of the disk will have been jumped over between the time I see the eject message and I stop photorec.

Is there any way to get photorec to re-do a recover, but skip over all previous work?

Notes: MacBook, Pro. I am not very familiar with using the terminal, so for any terminal related instructions, please be very detailed.

Re: Restarting after disk ejection

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 07:11
by cgrenier
You need to clone the memory card with ddrescue first.
Be careful the device affected to to the memory card may change the USB device is reset'ed/reconnect.
Once you have the image.dd file once it with PhotoRec.