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Why is data recovery so expensive?

Posted: 16 Jan 2019, 10:39
by Ben863
It is a little too mysterious to be handed an estimate or invoice over 10k for data recovery without knowing what work has to be done, what tools are required software, how much a clean room costs if drives must be disassembled and how many labour hours are actually needed. Many steps do not require monitoring from what I have learned thus far.

The data has a huge on that position to get an expensive to recovery it. I have large amount of data to require are you there to suggest me.

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Re: Why is data recovery so expensive?

Posted: 17 Jan 2019, 07:13
by cgrenier
It may be very expensive to acquire some spare materials (ie. replacement heads, PCB...) as you need the same brand, same model, same revision, same manufacture site, close manufacture date but 10.000$ looks a lot. You may want to ask another estimate.