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Photorec Saved Session

Posted: 22 Apr 2019, 08:30
by computermonster
I am recovering an external WD hard disk with Photorec.

I was recovering data with Photorec. I saved testdisk directory to other hard disk. Then I had to reinstall Windows OS. I copied testdisk directory which was running photorec that I had saved earlier back to my pc. Now, photorec cannot recover data from where it left off. Photorec is reading that hard disk, showing progression in sector, but not recovering files.

Re: Photorec Saved Session

Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 13:07
by cgrenier
The drive letter/device name may be different than previously.
If you still have the original session file, you can edit with notepad++ or wordpad.
If you don't, you probably will have to restart the recovery from scratch.

Re: Photorec Saved Session

Posted: 11 Aug 2019, 06:31
by tjtr33
this is related to 'Photorec Saved Session'
I found that when I interuppted, then later continued a Photorec session,
that my USB HD had a different identifier ( 'dev/sdc' vs the desired 'dev'sdb' as in , I'm on linux )
The solution I used was to unplug other devices ( usb tablet, thunbdrives ... ) until pluggin in the usb drive had the correct id ( /dev/sdb )
I suspect I could edit the but I had spent weeks with testdisk before trying photorec, and was unwilling to be adventurous ;-/

A big Thank You for this amazing utility!

My 4TB usb hadrdrive got overwriten with a small thumbdrive image ( beware of long sleepless nites! )
and I had no luck using testdisk despite many many sessions > 24hrs.
Photorec , however, immediately started finding files ( in the bad thumbdrive image ) then after only a few hours began pouring
folder after folder of saved files. I interrupted photorec and examined
and emptied many gigabytes of mp3 mp4 pdf tgz zip files to insure i had room to save more files.

Thank You Thank You Thank You