How to make Photorec start in specified sector

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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How to make Photorec start in specified sector

#1 Post by hl3br »

Hi, I would first like to thank you for the great software!

I have a hdd with problems (very slow), which I believe to have problems in the first head or in the first few thousand sectors, so I wanted to know if have possibility to bypass photorec to start the process from a certain sector: example sector 24000000

sorry for bad english and thanks in advanced


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Re: How to make Photorec start in specified sector

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Stop PhotoRec, edit the file (vim under Linux, notepad++ or wordpad under Windows...), restart PhotoRec and choose to resume the recovery.
The new sector should respect the blocksize (new_sector = old_sector + x * block_size/sector_size).
You can also remove some sector range from the file.

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Re: How to make Photorec start in specified sector

#3 Post by recuperation »

Apart from modifications explained above, have a look at ddrescue.
It was programmed with the idea in mind to copy the readable part of a harddisk trying to jump over error ranges and handling them later.