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Not enough free space

Posted: 20 Jul 2012, 22:22
by buyuk
I'm using PhotoRec at the moment to restore as many files from formated disk as it's possible,
and i'm trying to figure out, what's going to happen, if the destination folder has less free space
than all restored files require. Will PhotoRec ask me for another destination, or maybey just
stop working ?
Thanks for your answeres :-)

Re: Not enough free space

Posted: 31 Aug 2012, 09:17
by cgrenier
If there is not enough free space, PhotoRec will stop, delete the last file partially recovered, and ask for another destination.

Re: Not enough free space

Posted: 03 Jan 2013, 16:15
by pjbola
I've needed to use this feature to select another destination since I'm recovering to a relatively small USB Flash drive from Hard Drive. There seems to be a few bugs that I'm hoping you can help me work around.

1. PhotoRec doesn't utilize all the space available on the USB Flash drive before saying it is out of space. For instance a 16GB drive will have only 5GB used on it, and PhotoRec will stop and ask for a new destination due to the USB Flash being full. At this time I can move 1.9GB more of files from a networked drive to the USB Flash drive in Explorer.
2. Once notified of a lack of space, I remove all but the last folders created by PhotoRec off the USB Flash drive by copying them to a networked drive and deleting them from the USB Flash drive. PhotoRec seems to think the USB Flash drive has no more space and stopped after recovering one more file on the hard drive.
3. PhotoRec will not display all the status after a new destination is picked nor respond to <CR> to stop the program. The display lacks status like number of files found and time remaining. However files are being found as evidenced through hard drive LED activity, and increasing size of folder contents on the USB drive as seen via Explorer.
4. Networked drives cannot be seen by PhotoRec regardless of how they are accessed (WiFi or Ethernet).

Thank you for offering this needed software to users. I was able to complete a scan when I didn't store partial files. However when I look for partial files, PhotoRec doesn't come through for me.

Re: Not enough free space

Posted: 07 Jan 2013, 19:29
by pjbola
I'm not getting any action here so I'm going to post this under a new topic: Prematurely stops before USB Flash drive is full.