Can I install testdisk on Android device

TestDisk benutzen um verlorene Partitionen wiederherzustellen
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Can I install testdisk on Android device

#1 Post by Angela407 »

Is it possible to install "testdisk" on an Android device? ( Or is there any similar software that I can run on my Android device and/or Android terminal ).

The purpose of using "testdisk", is to see if a file had been permanently deleted form the device. kodi
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Re: Can I install testdisk on Android device

#2 Post by cgrenier »

If it's a file from an SD card, turn off your Android phone and put the SD card in an USB card reader and run PhotoRec to recover it. Note that it will not work if the filesystem is encrypted.
If the file was on the main memory, you have to root your phone. dd is available on rooted Androids running Busybox. use adb with USB Debugging enabled on the phone to create the image file on the computer. Open the image file with PhotoRec to scan it. Search "adb android dd" under google for more information.