internal hard drive

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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internal hard drive

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hi all,

I d like to recover some deleted images from the internal hard drive of my working imac using photorec.
Do i need to run photorec from an other computer?
Or can i plug a lacie external hd from my mac (and if so how can i select it as a destination)?

Many thanks

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Re: internal hard drive

#2 Post by bigredbutton »

When Photorec asks for the destination navigate to the disk and folder you want to save the files to.
In the list choosing .. (two dots) takes you up in file hierarchy. When you get to the top level choose Volumes, there you can find all the disks attached to your Mac. Choose your external disk and then continue to your folder for recovered files. One dot in the list means "this level."
Don't save files to your internal drive or you might overwrite your deleted files.


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Re: internal hard drive

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thank you very much for your answer. :)