Standard issues; Step-by-step instructions?

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Standard issues; Step-by-step instructions?

#1 Post by Nibeljunge »

Hello and thank you for TestDisk!

I have an issue, that must be pretty standard in the world of data losses.

My 1TB external HD tells me that it is not formatted anymore and I was told that the data system is now RAW. It only has one partition and I believe it should be NTSC.

Instead of asking an individual question about my situation, isn´t there a step-by-step tutorial that will apply to anyone with that same problem?

Thank you!

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Re: Standard issues; Step-by-step instructions?

#2 Post by Fiona »

I believe it should be NTSC
Do you mean NTFS?
There is a step by step guide:
Especially NTFS boot sector recovery would be related to your problem.
In some cases, the menu "Advanced" might help.
But it's only advisable if your partition in your partition table is correct.
You should run a normal diagnose first, running "Analyse", "Quick Search" and if nothing is found, "Deeper Search" too.
If any partition is found, please mark it and press p to have a try to list your files.
Please copy and paste the content of your testdisk.log into your next post.
You'll find it within your testdisk folder.
You can open it using a wordprocessor like notepad.


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Re: Standard issues; Step-by-step instructions?

#3 Post by Nibeljunge »

I am not exactly sure what triggered it, but the HD Works on my PC again. Only connecting it to my TV still does not work. Not sure if themismatch of boot sector and backup is related to that.

I will shrink the volumen and create a 2nd partition to see if that helps, for chkdsk did not.

I will post the result son.

Another thing: Is there another way to donate, e.g. using neteller?