By passing WD Encription ...

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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By passing WD Encription ...

#1 Post by NiMaD »

long story short.
the sata adapter stopped working and didnt read anything, tried many many things all but one said i now need to format my drive which i will not do to a 5tb drive filled 4tb+. I had a old ext seagate that i tried the sata adapter that just pulls off the bottom and it WORKED. But i don't want to keep it on that.
I have narrowed it down to either replace the sata adapter from online for the WD enclosure and hope it works, buying a seagate enclosure where i can continue to use the adapter thats working or buying another 5tb and transferring all over then formatting and moving back which i dont really have the money for right now since i just quit my shitty stress filled job.

All apps have failed to notice, read or do anything with the drive when its not connected to the working adapter unless i formatted it. All but the testdisk. It actually lets me browse through the files, folders and structure showing they are all there.

How can i go about using this app to simply make it work everywhere else? Maybe changing the file structure? I have no idea but it seems like there could be a way without loosing data?

Any ideas?

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Re: By passing WD Encription ...

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Can you see your files if you run TestDisk, Advanced, List ?
If it failed, what have you done exactly to list your files ? Note that you can copy/paste the testdisk.log file to provide the information.

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Re: By passing WD Encription ...

#3 Post by NiMaD »

Sorry for the delay i was running a check disk scan. At the end of it it said it fixed something that wasn't right (usually i take a pick but i forgot). But after that it would not show up at all anymore not even from the working seagate sata adapter it was working and scanned on.
It was although showing in the device manager.

NOW i open disk managment and it says

I must initialize a disk for LDM can access it. (Disk 4) wants me to choose MBR (Master Boot Record) or GPT (GUID Partition Table)
Which should i do and will it erase all the data that was on there

Open TD
Enter On - Create
Enter On - Disk /dec/sde - 5000GB / 4657 GiB
Enter On - Intel
----Advanced says (No Partition Avaulable)
Enter On - Analalyse
----- Now says Partition sectore doesn't have the endmark 0xAA55
Press Enter from there
The Partions show up in green (pic 1)
Now scanning depper.......

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Re: By passing WD Encription ...

#4 Post by NiMaD »

So do i go ahead and initialize disk as GPT (i think this would be what i do as its for larger hds) . mbr or is there something i can do in testdisk?

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Re: By passing WD Encription ...

#5 Post by NiMaD »

From more research and trials it seems like this app is still the best app to use.
So how can i
Recover boot sector or rebuild it, fix FAT tables, fix and MFT

is there a way to just copy over bit by working bit to another hdd with this app?