How to remove TestDisk Backups

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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How to remove TestDisk Backups

#1 Post by DRitchie »

Thanks in advance for anyone who clicked on the title -- as a preface I am in over my head and can provide any additional details needed / apologise if this is a simple solution. Could not find any answers online.

I accidentally created 5 partial backups of the same HDD (accidentally and due to insufficient space). Now the SSD I am backing up the files to is full - I am struggling to find where to delete these 5 clones and begin again. I have saved them to filefolders in the SDD, but they appear empty when I view them via filemanager and deleting them does not free up space.

I can provide images of where the backup folders are / where I can see I have created multiple backups of the same partition (for now I am trying again on a USB and do not want to create a sixth partial clone).

TLDR - how to delete a partition BACKUP to free up space on the backup drive

Thanks again - I can clarify any details that are unclear.

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Re: How to remove TestDisk Backups

#2 Post by recuperation »

Rerun Testdisk and try to backup again and see what path Testdisk proposes. Search there.

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