Diskpart clean mishap & "the hard disk seems too small!", a tragedy in two acts

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Diskpart clean mishap & "the hard disk seems too small!", a tragedy in two acts

#1 Post by TheDriveBorker »

Hello there! I believe I'm in the correct subforum, correct me if I'm wrong! Alright, I find myself in quite a pickle after inadvertently deleting the wrong drive, using the diskpart "clean" command (not "clean all", some silver lining eh?). At least I'm 90% sure that's what happened, since I unplugged and plugged back the other drive (the one I actually was trying to clean) inbetween the operations. I guess "disk 2" became "disk 1" and vice versa. And then I didn't double-check before hitting enter. G'job me! Since then the drive started appearing as "unallocated" in the Partition Manager. It also wants me to initialize it (I didn't). Here is a screen:

So I wanted to run a quick search in testdisk, but first strange sign (I think?), analyse defaults to "EFI GPT partition map". And then the quick search is excruciatingly long, like 10+ seconds to check one cylinder... out of 45599. Out of desperation I ran a quick search in "Intel/PC partition", it definitely went faster (still took ~5hrs), but just faster into a wall. In the end it gave me these errors: "the following partition can't be recovered" and "the hard disk seems too small". Forgot to mention, the drive is a "Samsung D3 station 3TB", if that's any help.

Oh also, I get this error code in "Intel/PC partition" analyse:

And this one in "EFI GPT partition map" analyse:

I'm a bit rusty with testdisk, haven't used it in years to recover lost data, so I don't want to overbork what I already signifanctly borked. If anyone feels like helping, you're most welcome! In the meantime I'll keep running scans and look for solutions.


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Re: Diskpart clean mishap & "the hard disk seems too small!", a tragedy in two acts

#2 Post by recuperation »

Please upload the pictures to this site, using the attachment tab on the bottom of the page.
You can modifiy your initial posting.

Please post your logfile.

Did you buy the disk in question contained in an external enclosure or did you get a "naked" one?

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