After using TestDisk cannot access my disk

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After using TestDisk cannot access my disk

#1 Post by toshiba »

Hello everyone,

I was not able to access my Toshiba external disk after I removed it without clicking on Safely Remove Hardware & Eject Media. I used TestDisk to copy/recover my files to my PC and I recovered some 100 GB. That was yesterday. Now I cannot access external disk using TestDisk, ext. disk makes strange noise like clicks (click click click) when I plug it in,
and TestDisk shows No partition available. Is my disk dead? What should I do to recover the rest of my files? Should I initialize the disk like in Disk Management?

Thank you in advance!
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Disk Management
Disk Management
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Re: After using TestDisk cannot access my disk

#2 Post by cgrenier »

The click click click sound is caused by your disk damaged head. It's a physical problem that can only be fix by a data recovery company, they will have to replace the head.