I'm as lost as my data - HELP

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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I'm as lost as my data - HELP

#1 Post by irishrow » 11 Aug 2012, 17:35

My 1.5 TB SATA secondary hard drive disappeared yesterday. I downloaded and started TestDisk. It found the single partition, and I followed through the TestDisk "Step-By-Step" tutorial. I could see the file folders of my G drive and the instructions seemed to indicate that if I found the one partition, and it contained the data, that I should proceed: "If all partitions are listed and only in this case, confirm at Write with Enter, y and OK. "

I did so and then rebooted the computer. When I bring TestDisk back up, the single partition is again found, but a look for the data on the partition now says:

"No files found. File system may be damaged."

I don't want to even make any more changes, attempt to rewrite the boot sector or do anything else until I can figure out whether I have just wiped my hard drive or what. I could use some assistance here. Thank you.

I've also overwritten my log file, but include the current one.

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