Partition size and filesystem size difference

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Partition size and filesystem size difference

#1 Post by Tsyvatsok »

Hey everyone. I have a particular problem, not sure that you can help me, but I'll try anyway:
So I've got myself a new SSD and migrated my Arch Linux and Windows on it, obviously I wanted to free some space on my HDD. So I've deleted every partition that I could from Windows and extended my data drive to include them, but I've noticed that I couldn't delete EFI partitions as well as Windows recovery partition (I didn't need them since I boot from SSD). So as a "genius" I am, I've deleted those partitions from Arch (but I didn't resize or did anything else to FS). Of course after that I wasn't been able to use my HDD on the Windows as it is displayed as "invalid". And when I mount the only remaining partition on HDD for some reason it displays files only from my previous Windows C: drive, not my data drive as expected. I used testdisk to scan my HDD but reluctant to proceed in fear that I might brick it completely. Right now I can actually see the partition I want to recover and can copy files from it but can't access it from Windows. Here is my testdisk.log. ... MnWdeXtg-c

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Re: Partition size and filesystem size difference

#2 Post by cgrenier »

In Advanced, choose Boot, BackupBS, confirm, Quit, restart your computer and try to access your files.

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