Problems with restoring an external hardrive

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Problems with restoring an external hardrive

#1 Post by ksdixon » 25 Sep 2012, 01:44

The connector for the enclosure of my external hardrive broke away from the circuit board, so I cracked open the enclosure and removed the Toshiba hardrive inside. Hooked it up with a SATA-to-USB cable I have, but no matter which USB port I attempted to use on both my PC and my wife's laptop, Windows Explorer kept telling me I would need to format the drive in order to use it. Off to Google I went and found out about TestDisk.

Part way through the initial analysis I was given an error message about the Invalid FAT Boot Sector; and when I reached the end of an initial analysis I was greeted with the following error message about it being too small and unrecoverable:

I am currently in the process of a Deeper Scan, and have received the same error message about the Invalid FAT Boot Sector:

As there is a couple of hundred GB worth of files on the 1TB hardrive, I am wondering what my next step is once this deeper scan finishes (on 72% as I type this)?

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