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How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Copy files

#1 Post by rynka »

Using TestDisk 6.13 (operating system xubuntu 11.10) i found the 2 partitions i accidentally deleted and reformatted. I could list all the files and directories with the "p"-option
The files that are most important to me are in subfolders of several of the mainfolders in these partitions.

I have 2 questions:
1. Can i select the main folder and then press "c"? Or should i enter each subfolder till i end up with the files, select them all with the "a"-option and copy?
2. Where are these files going to?
3. I read somewhere that when copying files you should always use the "h"-option to hide deleted files. Is this option recursive, does it work for all subfolders when activating it while in a parent folder?

Since these files to be recovered are very important to me i would be very grateful for your help and tips.

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Re: Copy files

#2 Post by rynka »

I solved it myself. This is what i found:
1. You can select the main folder and hit "c". You should be carefull to hit "h" before proceeding, this will hide all deleted files and folders (marked in red).
2. After hitting "c" you can select a directory to store your copied files in.
3. Yes, the "h"-option is recursive

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