PhotoRec on Android?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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PhotoRec on Android?

#1 Post by mehtuus »

I need to be able to recover some photos and other files from my tablet. However, when I connect it to my PC it is detected as a camera or multimedia device (not a storage medium) which does not allow me proper access to the tablet's file system. The tablet's memory is all internal, there is no card for which I can pull out and scan directly with my PC. Plus, I have yet to find ANY restore/recover/undelete of files software that can see this type of device (camera/multimedia device) when it is attached to my PC. It gets connected by USB. So I have been looking for something that can run directly from the tablet.

I have found DiskDigger in the Google Play Market, but the problem with DD is that it only finds two formats - jpg and png. I need to find other image formats as well as files.

Are there any plans to have PhotoRec and TestDisk packaged up for Android? If not, how difficult of a project would it be to take on? I know that the ARM processor is common for the mobile platform, and that TD and PR currently are running on the x86 type of processor. How much of a roadblock is that for getting this software to run on Android? And then of course there is the interface difference - on screen keyboard or touch GUI...
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Re: PhotoRec on Android?

#2 Post by cgrenier »

You can enable USB Mass Storage in Home–>Menu–>Parameters–>About this phone–>USB parameters.
Once it's done, connect your Android to your computer and run PhotoRec.

If this possibility is disabled on your tablet, I have a command-line (No GUI and no text interface!) version that you can use on a rooted android. Please send me a private message or an email with your Android version/processor information if you are interested.