external SSD not detected by testdisk

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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external SSD not detected by testdisk

#1 Post by Mark17 » 01 Nov 2012, 09:32

Hello to all. My hardware problem is an external SSD with 128 GB: StoreJet TS128GSSD18C3 from Transcend.
The drive worked properly for a while on different operating systems, most of the time WIN7 on my desktop computer with USB3.0. Lately I attached it to a laptop (WIN7, USB2.0) and it was no more recognized.
Back on my desktop (WIN7, USB3.0, also tried USB2.0) same thing. On disk management (sorry, its German: "Datenträgerverwaltung") it shows up but WIN7 wants to initalize it. (Either with MBR or GPT).
For data recovery I tried with photorec and testdisk but neither lists the drive under "Select a media". Only the computer´s hard drive is listed.
Since I would appreciate very much to retrieve the data from the disk, any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance. Mark

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