Massive .GZ file can't do anything with it? What is this?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Massive .GZ file can't do anything with it? What is this?

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I had a USB drive that was filled with PDF files. I went to use it after updating windows 7 and for whatever reason the files just vanished, I dont understand. Anyways, I recovered with photorec and it found 1 file, and that file is 2 Gig big (which is the same size as it was when I had all the data on there) the file is f0012368.gz and when I decompress it the file shrinks down to 80k and gives me the "ignoring trailing garbage error" ... So, What am I doing wrong here? If I dont recover this data my life is not going to be good. Can Anyone help me? THanks

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