TestDisk 6.14 Freezes Up

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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TestDisk 6.14 Freezes Up

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I sent the following information to Christoph Grenier at his email address before I realized there's a forum for such things. Realizing that its quite a large community and that I may never hear back from him because of his schedule, here is what it said:
Both my son and I have used your Testdisk program to great success and like it very much. I have a 2tB internal Seagate drive with three partitions in a 3.0 USB docking station I've been trying to restore. It takes a number of hours to do the deep scan. Each time I get similar but different results, none of which finish completely. This is the screen shot of the one I just finished showing how far it got before it froze up:
If I wait long enough the program either unloads or returns to the first screen ready to start over again. It is so tempting because I can see what looks like at least two of the partitions I'm trying to retrieve.

Do you have any ideas of where I can go from here?

Thank you.

Since I sent that email, I discovered a way to "copy an image" of one of the partitions to another drive as a .dd file. I have no idea what to do with it when it finishes. It's been running for an hour and is only 14 percent done. Please excuse me if I'm not using proper protocol. Any help getting my data back would be appreciated. Thanks!
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