Thank you for this great software

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Thank you for this great software

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I only registered to say thank you.
One of my harddisks came down without a warning and everything was gone. It showed up as empty drive.
Then I discovered Testdisk and was able to get my data back. Awesome.

BUT: I have an idea how this wonderful piece of software can be made even better.

As my harddisk went down completely I needed to recover as many files as possible. So I selected to copy all files from the file list to a new medium. However there have been bad files that testdisk was not able to read and there have been files where Testdisk obviously read several times to recover them fully.
For example: I have 1 10GB file which was obviously not easy to recover. So Testdisk started one pass after another but this takes a lot of time. Altogether It took a week constantly running the software till everything was done.

So my idea would be that there is a chance to skip files either when they cannot be recovered or when it requires several passes to retrieve them. Why? Because for every file Testdisk could not recover I was lucky to have a good backup. It would have saved me a lot of time if I simply could have pressed "skip" and direct Testdisk to the location where it will find the good backup of that file. Testdisk then should grab that copy, copy it to the new location and proceed.
With that feature, Testdisk would be even more incredible. I hope you can consider this additional feature.