Hire Testdisk Expert?

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Hire Testdisk Expert?

#1 Post by mvnjpy »

I'm wondering if there's any platform here to solicit people who are familiar with testdisk for some of their time for a fee that I'm willing to pay?

I have a simple job, and I'm a fairly competent software engineer, but I just don't have much experience with filesystems internals.

I accidentally pressed "erase" on my mac for an entire disk to be formatted as FAT32, but I unplugged everything really quickly (a few seconds, so most of the data should be intact, I hope).

I just want to somehow be able to rebuild the partition table. I know what it should look like, but I don't know how to do it with testdisk. Seems like this is the kind of stuff where if you don't get everything right, then nothing will work..

I've tried doing it a bit manually, but it hasn't worked so far. Haven't been able to mount my HFS+ partition. So, looking for help..

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Re: Hire Testdisk Expert?

#2 Post by solitaryxsoul »

I do know a website that accepts donations and is able to fix most problems.
Stephen Haran has over 20 years of computer industry experience.

"• Briefly stated, I perform remote data recovery operations to save the data on your internal hard drive, external USB drive, RAID array or NAS box such as Western Digital ShareSpace, Lacie, Synology, Seagate BlackArmor etc.
• This is done by connecting to your computer over your existing high speed Internet service.
• Which means I can attempt data recovery on any computer no matter where it may be located anywhere in the world.
• I specialize in drives that suffer from so called “logical” failures ie. bad sectors, lost partitions, raw drives, accidental formatting, RAID crash, etc.
• Note, unlike other remote recovery services, it is not necessary for your computer to start up into Microsoft Windows, MacOS, or Linux.
• There’s no need to extract, package, and risk further damage by shipping out your damaged hard drive."

Check his website:

Hope he is able to help you :)