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How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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#1 Post by Cleansoul »

Dear sir.
I like to thank you all developers for this great program. At this time I am coping 1.5 T of data from a HD that was attacked by virus. There are some sugestions I would like to make that may improve it`s performance. It showed a scary warning that the partition could NOT be fixed, but it "saw" all files and is coping it now, maybe "you still can save the files" warning would be nice. While booting in DOS with a 32Gb USB Pendrive it was unable to copy the files to a 1.5T HD (same brand etc) that I pluged in the board with the attacked one, it was only "seen" by the program on Win 7 - I believe I was using DOS 7 to boot the TESTDISK 6.14 - and now it is copying all to the clean HD. And finally, what I think would be an easy improvement, some kind of counter while it is copying the data, percentage maybe, thus giving some clue of how long it will take to finish it.
Again, thank you very, very much.
Good luck to you all.
From one to five I`ll give you guys five happy faces!!!
I'd like to add that I finished coping/saving the files on the backup HD, and it was much faster (less than 12 hours) and better than I thought, all the names and directories and sub directories are there. The old HD though is lost. I tried to write all zeros with seatools from seagate but it gotta worst, it fails the SMART test. Fortunatelly still on warranty. Thank you again.
:D :D :D :D :D

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