Warning: byte mismatch

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Warning: byte mismatch

#1 Post by pokee » 04 Jan 2013, 23:46

I have a 500 gig drive that seems to have gone bad and is now recognized as RAW format. I've tried running PhotoRec but the files are fragmented and that tool eventually hangs without finding any pieces of a couple of files that I'd really like.

So I tried repairing with testdisk. However, I get a warning stating:
Warning: number of bytes per sector mismatches 512 (NTFS) != 4096 (HD)

Can someone tell me what this warning means and if there is some option that I need to set/change that would correct this?

I also try to continue to write the partion to disk but receive a "Partition: Write error" message. I'm assuming that's related but can someone comment on that

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