External Hard Drives No Longer Recognized

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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External Hard Drives No Longer Recognized

#1 Post by resevil83 »

I have two external Seagate Goflex 3TB drives that were working fine and then one day when I moved them to another computer they became unrecognizable. They were on a Mac G5, then I brought them over to a new Imac and they do not work. The drives models are ST3000DM001. I'm trying to get the data off of them so I can back them up to another hard drive. I am trying to fix these with a PC. I have TestDisk and PhotoRec, but I'm uneasy about changing the file system because I don't want to do any further damage. Can I provide any information from these programs to you, in order to determine what is necessary to fix the drives?

I plugged in the drives into my Windows 7 PC, and my Windows XP Laptop, I get the same issue. The device drivers install properly and windows says that the devices are ready to use. I go into my computer and do not see them. In the device manager they are there and there are no exclamation points on them. I can even see them in disk management but cannot access the drives from there.

I installed MacDrive 9 Pro, and the drive is seen in explorer but when I try to access it, it says ""H:\ is not accessible. The disc structure is corrupted and unreadable"

Any guidance would be appreciated.