Restore or Rescue RAID5 files

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Restore or Rescue RAID5 files

#1 Post by VitaminD »

I have a 12TB RAID5 array of 8x2TB drives. FedEx dropped my shipment and damaged the RAID enclosure, and now Disk #2 is no longer functional. I replaced the enclosure and also replaced the bad drive with a new drive and re-created the RAID5 without deleting any data, but the HighPoint 4322 RAID card didn't really do the trick. According to the HighPoint management I have a working "normal" RAID5 again. According to my Mac (Snow Leopard) it sees it in DiskManager but it's not appearing on my desktop.

I was told to use TestDisk but it has been scanning a very long time, and now says it is "Analyse cylinder" at over 270% and counting. Shouldn't it be completed at 100%?

What are the chances I can rebuild my RAID 5 without needing to rescue the data? Would that be possible?

Otherwise, how can I just rescue the files I need?

RAID 5 should allow for 1 of the 8 drives to go bad and I should still have everything...I hope...

Thank you for your help!