Upgraded Synology RAID5 DSM/Media Server - now missing files

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Upgraded Synology RAID5 DSM/Media Server - now missing files

#1 Post by ViperOne »

Hello - hoping you all can help!

I have Synology DS1511+ where I backed my DVDs upto and decided to upgrade DSM (OS). Upgrade completed, then asked me to update 'Media Server' application - after doing so, my /movies & /music no longer contain my previous data (I did not do a format) - is my data still there somewhere? My other /backup files are intact, hence I think the Media Server application rewrote (overwrote) the /movies & /music directory structure.

As part of the DSM upgrade, I beleive it changed filesystem from EXT2 to EXT4. I noticed it created a root.old in mount as well (unrelated?)

Which TestDisk option is best?

Where I am at with the RAID5 now:

Removed RAID5 HDD from Synology, added to Ubuntu Server, mdadm /dev/md2, can browse directories (still empty), have 2nd Synology RAID system mounted to export files to, SSH enabled, installed TestDisk, TestDisk sees and is scanning Disk /dev/md2 - 7982 GB / 7434 GiB - CHS 1948792256 2 4 (currently @ 01% - gonna be a long process) - I beleive I'm using wrong method - yes?

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Re: Upgraded Synology RAID5 DSM/Media Server - now missing f

#2 Post by cyberdan2002 »

I am DYING as this same thing happened to me. It still shows my storage as being used, so I am hopeful the data is still there, just not able to be accessed. Any help would be really great...

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Re: Upgraded Synology RAID5 DSM/Media Server - now missing f

#3 Post by cgrenier »

Do you have file in root.old ? Also check lost+found for your files, we never know.
Use "find" to list all the files present in the current folders and sub-folders, you may find your files if they have been moved.