why testdesk stucks in analyzing c drive-read error at <lba=

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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why testdesk stucks in analyzing c drive-read error at <lba=

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my problem is that testdesk stucks in analyzing my c drive at 16% for 6 hours after giving the following message: analyse cylinder 16% ...read error at <lba=-->

same as attached image but my case is 500 GB and testdesk stucks at 16%
my case is :
my laptop hard disk is 500 gb with windows 7 on "C->87 GB" (NTFS).

while loading windows asked for "launch system repair" which said that it repaired missing voulme informatin but while restarting the same thing occurs again.

when it suddenly failed to boot windows, I connected it as external hd:
- on windows xp "C" partition is recognized as RAW (it proposed to format it).
- on Linux "ubuntu" I saw the partition and some files could be copied while I had to escape alot of others to continue because i got "error splicing files-read/write error", and these files are very important to me.

I have a problem with allocation table missing (at least I guess so) and I followed these steps for testdisk under linux version
http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk ... executable
now i am trying to dump files with photorecovery.
- what shall i do to make testdesk continue analyzing process? Is it possible that it is only very slow and only apparently stuck? With htop
I noticed that CPU was 0% and Memory occupation stable, so I guessed it was stuck, but I suspect that the presence of bad blocks could slow down the analysis.
- i would like to know the best way to recover my missing files, and whether i have bad sectors and how to repair them?

Thanks alot for your help and i will be very grateful for your suggestions
TestDisk analysis stucks with this eror.png
TestDisk analysis stucks with this eror.png (18.35 KiB) Viewed 2788 times