Basic Help on recovery of 2TB drive

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Basic Help on recovery of 2TB drive

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I've lost access to a 2 TB drive that I really need to recover and I just wanted to get some basic idea of what to do with Testdisk since I'm not entirely clear on things after reading through the site.

The disk is a FAT 32 and was used on Windows and Mac machines. Somewhere along the line, both computers stopped recognizing the drive as readable and now Windows says I must format it before I can use it, MAC just doesn't do anything with it.

So, I followed the basic steps listed on the site and the program said it was analyzing and all that for about 10 hours. When it was done, I never saw the next window with any partitions listed so I'm not quite sure where I am in the process at this point.

I desperately want to recover the files on this disc and just wanted to make sure I've got this right.

I ran the program as indicated in the step by step but instead of having a list of partitions at the end of its scan, I'm back at the blank partition screen with no listed partitions.

I feel like I'm missing something basic here.

Any ideas what I'm missing if I never see a partition to work with?