Recover data in unallocated partitions

Using TestDisk to undelete files
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Recover data in unallocated partitions

#1 Post by Bill »

Seems like this questions has been asked over and over but I do not get the results using TestDisk.

Disk Management shows the following:

Volume - (E:), Layout - Simple, Type - Basic, File System - FAT, Status - Healthy(Active, Primary Partition),
Capacity - 2MB .....

In the middle it shows the layout of the drive as follows:

Disk 1, Basic, 465.76 GB online and lays out the drive as follows:

40.93 GB (E:) 424.83 GB
Unallocated 2 MB Unallocated

Running Analyze on E using both Quick Search and Deeper Search will only show the contents of the 2 MB partition.

How can I recover the data that is in both the unallocated partitions on e:?

Your help is sincerely appreciated!


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Re: Recover data in unallocated partitions

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Use PhotoRec on the disk, not on a drive letter. Use 'a' to manually add a fictive partition corresponding to the sectors you want to scan.