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How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Force a Deeper Scan?

#1 Post by geohey »

Is there are way to force a "deeper scan"?

The first time I ran TestDisk, the app ran a quick scan then, after not finding anything, suggested a deeper scan. The deeper scan found a backup sector that I was able copy about half of my files mother (visiting from out of town) unplugged my machine (accidently!). Since this time, TestDisk runs a quick search but then for some reason does not give the option to run a Deeper Scan like before. I originally ran on 6.13 but I have now tried 6.14 with the same results. I also noticed it no longer asks me if I would like to search for partitions created after vista.

Background. This is a 400 GB Seagate drive that lived on a 32 bit XP machine. When I moved it to a new 64 bit Windows 8 machine, windows complained that “it did not recognize the dynamic disk”. (I don’t remember the exact message.) I then started going through the import feature in device manager but frantically cancelled in the middle when it kindly asked me if I would like to format the drive. Windows now thinks this drive is a RAW unformatted drive.
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Re: Force a Deeper Scan?

#2 Post by geohey »

I found a workaround on my own. If you hit cancel during the quick search, the option to run a deeper scan becomes available. I have now downloaded all 400 GB files successfully.

Christophe, if you are out there, thanks so much for working on this. I can't wait to send you $. You deserve it. For the rest of you, if use this app and you don't pay, shame on you.

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Re: Force a Deeper Scan?

#3 Post by Fiona »

Thanks for your reply.
To hit enter after Quick Search, should usually make Deeper Search available?
But if you already solved your problme, I'll set your topic as solved.
If you'd like to add something, please drop me a pm, I'll reopen your topic.