Recovery NTFS after poorly dd 700MB img

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Recovery NTFS after poorly dd 700MB img

#1 Post by BinLi »

I have a 500GB disk driver which filesystem is NTFS. I have stored lots of photos and documents on it, everything is OK util I poorly dd a Linux img to it without attentions. :(

After dd, the filesystem on the disk driver is like below;

Code: Select all

| FAT |Linux | Corrupted NTFS ...          |
When I plugin the disk driver to my PC, it is recognized as two filesystem: FAT and Linux :cry: .

What is the best way to recovery as many photos as possible with TestDisk or PhotoRec? I have tried to recover with PhotoRec, but the recovered files are more or less unuseful.

Is it possible to recover the whole NTFS filesystem? Otherwise, how about my photos and documents?

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Re: Recovery NTFS after poorly dd 700MB img

#2 Post by keloglan »


testdisk is for reparations of disks, partitions and drives.

You should use photorec, to recover files.
If you only want photos, select drive, select after Partition "File Opt", deselect all with "s" and select only desired filestype.

If there was one NTS-Partition select first "No Partition" after Drive-Selection to scan the whole drive.



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Re: Recovery NTFS after poorly dd 700MB img

#3 Post by cgrenier »

Try TestDisk, Analyse, Quick Search, Stop, Deeper Search. If you are lucky, an NTFS partition using the whole disk will be listed, set this partition as *(bootable), on next screen, choose Write, confirm, BackupBS, confirm, Quit. Restart your computer.
Use TestDisk, Advanced, List and copy your files if possible. If it doesn't work, use PhotoRec. You may need to enable the expert mode in the Options menu and after starting a search, use a 512 byte blocksize (use the default value otherwise).